Do you trust us?

A hidden basement in the heart of Sydney, escape the bustle and unlock nostalgic sensations.
We aim to tantalise and remind you of simpler times.
Whether you prefer a cocktail, craft beers, boutique spirits, or a glass of wine... every visit is a different experience.

Strap yourself in.
We're going on an adventure.

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What makes the back bar cut?

Candles at Burrow Bar

Research, research, research...

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Only the freshest

Burrow Bar | Concrete Macro

De Mestre pl was named after a prominent businessman from 1818

Kiwi Fruit macro | Sydney Small bar

Seasonal produce sourced

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About Us

The Burrow Team are as passionate about what they do as they are happy to do it. Burrow Bar was not born overnight, but represents the exhaustive efforts of 3 close friends driven to provide the best bar experience they could. Pop down and you might catch any of the lovely smiley faces of Bryce, Chau, Alan, Nakul or Michelle.

Contact Us

Phone: 0450 466 674

Location: De Mestre Pl, Sydney
Look for the dimly lit B.